Partnering with Ron Sunshine Associates, LLC to fill your openings gives your organization access to a process that has been proven successful for 35 years.

Our Process

  • Upon acceptance of the search we set a meeting with your representatives, either by conference call or in person, to develop a job description.
  • During this meeting we will define and distinguish the “must haves” from the “pluses.”
  • We will spend time to get an understanding of the reporting structure which includes an understanding of the organizational chart
  • We will get an understanding of the company’s history, culture and future plans
  • We will research the surrounding area to determine quality of schools, housing, cultural and recreational activities , economic health and overall quality of life

All searches are conducted in a speedy, expeditious manner with the goal being to present the best candidates in a manner that will lead to the job being filled without a waste of time and resources.

We look forward to a discussion regarding our various search options.

Contact us for more detailed information.